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Antiquarian, new and second-hand books - all under one roof
Books & Ink is a real live bookshop, nestled in the alleys of the historic north Oxfordshire town of Banbury. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle in the surrounds of a former famous coaching inn, the White Lion, the cool beamed interior welcomes you as you step through the front door and invites you to escape the pressures of the world outside.  booksandinkbookshop
 eat sleep read Whether you have 10 minutes or a couple of hours to spare, come on in and as you mooch around, encountering curious corners and friendly-looking books, let your imagination take you away - to other realms, to other times, to far off places and to those escapist lands hidden within the deepest recesses of our hearts and minds.
In this safe haven new books and old meet and mingle; more than 25,000 of them vying for your attention. Take time to look. Special gems tuck themselves away, down low, up high. Bestsellers don't scream and shout and throw themselves at you from the doorway but stand sedately on the shelves, side-by-side with the next bestseller waiting to be discovered... and with glorious literature from ages past.  booksandinkbookshopinterior
 white lion walk wisteria banbury Our online portal cannot, yet, transport you to this wonderful realm of paper and ink (Floo Powder is on order but always seems to be out-of-stock at the Harry Potter wholesalers), but our website can show and tempt you with around a quarter of our beautiful book stock and perhaps entice you to come and see all the other wonderful things we have in our Tardis-like bookshop.
For practical (and therefore quite boring) reasons, you won't find many new books listed on our website. We have loads more in our book palace (aka the bookshop) and hundreds upon thousands upon gazillions more we can obtain for you within a few human-time working days, or sometimes by the very next day. Many of our new books are already discounted and we offer a discount on most new book orders too. We have frequently been known to be cheaper than online retail giants, though we know that's not the only reason our customers choose us!  many new books discounted
 antiquarian books banner booksandink We love you to browse and discover new things on your own - in the style of a personal quest. But if you need help you can ask and we will try and help you with your journey; gift-type quests for children a speciality.
If you can't get to visit us very often (or ever) we'd still love you to keep in touch with us via facebook and twitter. We can let you know about all things going on at Books & Ink and you can keep us updated with your news too and tell us about great books that you've read and enjoyed.
So that's all there is to say about me, the little bookshop with a big heart. Anytime you fancy an escape, need a textbook, a holiday read, a bestseller, an obscure out-of-print research volume, or an extra special gift, we'd love to see you. Come and find us in Banbury on the edge of the north Oxfordshire Cotswolds. 


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